About Kolymbia

Kolymbia village is situated on the east side of Rhodes Island, 25km from Rhodes Town and the same distance from Lindos. Its location is important particularly because it is situated between two of the biggest villages-Afandou and Arhangelos. On the side is the mountain of Virgin Tsambika, on the north is Loutanis peak, which is the second highest peak on the island. To the west side of Kolymbia is located picturesque and also one of the most visited places- The Seven Spings(Epta Piges). The name of Kolymbia comes from the Greek word “Kolymbi” which means pit full of water.
One of the youngest resorts on the island, Kolymbia was a little more than a collection of farmhouses with agriculture fields before its beaches were, discovered in the late 1980’s.
It is now a rather scattered resort measuring 1,5 km long, with a largely low-rise buildings, a shady Eucalyptos street lined central avenue whichis 2,5km in length and 8m in width with a growing choice of amenities. The Eucalyptus Street contains approximately 800 trees.

Some History

During the Italien- Turkisch war which took part in 1912, Italiens occupied Rhodes and the other island. Between the fertile plain between Afandou and Arhagngelos, the conquerors established agriculture and a settlement called San Benedetto. At the end of the Second World War, after the withdrawal of the Italiens was Rhodes island conect with Greece. In 1937 there were 50 houses and corresponding farms built. The houses had to be built with one or two floors, wood oven and with a store room. These houses and the farms were granded to rural families from Tuscany and Sardinia.

The Beaches

Kolymbia has a a very nice beaches, well organised, with sunbathing and swimming facilities (sun beds, umbrellas) and water sports. Its attracts many people and it is one of the favourite beaches with tourists from many countries. The sea is very clean, with crystal clear water and a nice green surrounding landscape, very nice for taking photos. If you like fishing, you will find this an ideal place for catching small or big fish. In the end of Kolymbia and also Kolymbieni beach you can find a perfect condition for snorkeling or diving. There are two harbours in Kolymbia- Limanaki harbour where anchored most of the boats and Nisaki harbor in the end of kolymbia beach.


At the sea is the cape called Theotokos which separates the sea into two beaches: Kolymbia beach on the left and Kolymbieni beach on the right. Between this two beaches was formed a small harbour with a small sandy beach called Limanaki. On the top of the Theotokos hill you have panoramic breath taking views of the whole of Kolymbia. Don’tforget this place. You can go there on your foot or take the car.

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